So many things to enjoy, yet not enough time to enjoy them. And always crunching on time to do last minute design hw at SVA
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When I was re-watching this movie for perhaps the sixth time, I picked up on a tiny detail that I had missed the first few times. Just one line, one line that was muttered off to the side. One line that made my heart break.

As a child, Bruce’s father physically abused his mother, striking fear and anger in a young Bruce’s heart. He always hoped that maybe one day, if he had children, he would be nothing like his father. He would love his children unconditionally, and do everything a good father would.

But then he was caught in a blast of gamma radiation and was cursed to transform in times of stress and rage into a monster that was capable of so much destruction.

He lives in a constant state of panic, always wary that the monster inside him will erupt, and therefore he can’t form meaningful bonds with anyone. He realised that because of his curse, he’ll never be able to have children of his own.