So many things to enjoy, yet not enough time to enjoy them. And always crunching on time to do last minute design hw at SVA
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First click and drag game thingy ever. Hope you enjoy. Beware of seizures.

Did everything from scratch except for the photos. They belong to the respective owners.

Have fun? :) *Yes, I know I spelled profession wrong. Typos happen*

Best friend: Sam

First Kiss: Cas

Living with: 11

Relationship: Sam ;D

Profession: Hunter

Killed by: Sherlock Holmes

Best Friend: Sam c:

First Kiss: The tenth doctor ;D

Living with: Sherlock :’D

Relationship with: The Tenth Doctor ;’D

Profession: Consulting Detective

Killed By: Dean :c

Best Friend: Rory Williams

First Kiss: Sherlock Holmes

Live With: Sam Winchester

Relationship With: Sam Winchester

Profession: Time Traveller

Killed By: Dean Winchester


Best Friend: Mycroft

First Kiss: 9th

Live With: Lestrade

Relationship With: Cas

Profession: Consulting Criminal

Killed By: Dean Winchester

Best Friend: John Watson

First Kiss: Greg Lestrade

Live With: Dean Winchester

Relationship With: Sherlock Holmes

Profession: Consulting Detective

Killed By: Jim Moriarty 

wow….every time…..i get killed by different doctors……

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    Best friend: The Tenth Doctor First kiss: John Watson Living with: The Master In a relationship with: Rory Hunter Killed...
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    best friend; john watson first kiss; sherlock holmes living with; john watson in a relationship with; sherlock holmes...
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    Best friends: Sammy Winchester First Kiss: Ninth Doctor Living with: Tenth Doctor In a relationship with: Sherlock...
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    okay uhm so … my best friend is castiel , my first kiss is dean , i live with dean , but im in a relationship with john...
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    this is awesome My story: Sherlock first kiss: 9th Doctor live with: 10th Doctor in relationship with: 10th Doctor...
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    This is brilliant. Best friends with Castiel, first kiss Lestrade, living with Sherlock, relationship with Rory